Disaster Recovery As A Service

SinCityIT utilizes Cloud Connect through the Veeam Platform. This will allow us to replicate your virtual machines (VMs) to the cloud without the cost and complexity of managing a second site. With DRaaS for Veeam, you can ensure your business stays in business after a disaster with:

  • Fast, flexible failover: Easily switch production to standby VMs from a secure, mobile-friendly portal or your Veeam console. Fail over specific VMs or an entire site with 1-click failover orchestration. Maintain failover plans in the cloud alongside standby VMs for quick recovery from even large-scale outages.
  • Streamlined Failback: Switch production back to your restored data center – or to an entirely new data center (out-of-place restore) – with zero data loss and minimal disruption to users. Minimize network traffic by transferring just the deltas between VM images in preparation for failback.
  • Recovery Assurance: Test failover of an entire site or select VMs without affecting production. Veeam also makes it easy to periodically fail over and run production at your DR site (considered a best practice by many).
  • Seamless Integration: Replication to the cloud is fully integrated into Veeam user interfaces and workflows. Just point your replication jobs at a cloud host, and fail over and back as with any other replication target.

Plus, DRaaS for Veeam employs Veeam Cloud Connect’s multi-tenant capabilities to ensure that your VMs are as safe as they would be in your own dedicated disaster recovery site.